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Tennis For Free Session (All ages)

The Tennis For Free session is a coach led weekly free tennis session designed at bringing the whole family to the park site to try and enjoy tennis. A fun and lively session open to all ages and abilities.

Please note to register different members of your family to a TFF session you need to change user (top right)

The Tennis For Free session is a weekly tennis group tennis session run in partnership with the Tennis For Free charity. This session is open to anyone of any level of any age (from 4 years +). The session is designed to be family friendly so book on all of your family members and come down to give the session a try. You and your family members will be able to participate in the various groups appropriate to their age and standard.

The groups within the TFF session are:

10am - 11am - Parent & Child Session (equipment is left out until 12pm to allow parents to continue playing with child after the 10am-11am session)
10am - 12pm - Mini Tennis Orange & Green
10am - 12pm - Junior Tennis & Beginner Adults
10am - 12pm - Adults & Advanced Juniors 

To see what attendees, professionals and celebrities think of the TFF session, watch the video below:

The Tennis For Free session is open to all ages (from 4 years+) and suited to all standards. Attendees of Tennis For Free tend to come as a full family and spread themselves on the various appropriate sub sessions.
Completely FREE and on every week (weather permitting). Please book your free place from the Home page (left side)
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